Thursday, 19 May 2016

The best way to get a Dubai Tourist Visa ~

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

The musical fountain in Dubai!

Do you remember the days when we have the musical fountain in the park sand garden in the metropolitan cities? But they are long gone and we hardly see them these days. The childhood of the ones in the 90’s went by with the lovely entertainment rather than the electronics and the gadgets that kids of today are addicted for. Kids these days cannot live without them and it has become their lives. But having a creative mind unleashed with the entertainment and creative activity time around would help the budding young talent to flourish and make new things. Have you watched the most beautiful musical fountain in Dubai? If you haven’t see it even once, then try to get your Dubai visa immediately. You can either apply for a Dubai holiday visa or for a Dubai tourist visa if you wish to enjoy your days with much fun and enjoyment.
The fountain that so melodious and the once which dance with the music and the melodies synchronizing with the colorful lights in the background have a scenery floating is something everyone should see at least once in life. Why not try the Dubai one that is world famous? It is huge and the music echoes through some meters in the far away land. Check out for the shows that are timed and you can try for the most convenient once wen the whole family is with you. The shows are timed in some break in between and for festive occasion’s ad special days, they are already scheduled accordingly. You can check in with the Dubai people if you have any friends or family who knows about Dubai. If you don’t have anyone there, you can always rely on the tourist operators who will guide you with the timings. 

There are charges for the entry and for some shows it is for public and you can enjoy it with the group of people there. There are people from all over the world who come to see only this. The people from various countries and cities come to Dubai in order to visit these musical fountains. Sometime the fountains are coupled with the crackers and the light shows too. They are also aired in the local television. You can try to catch a glimpse of them, in the internet through the YouTube channel. But it would be best if you visits the place and see the show in person. It will be breath-taking and once in lifetime experience. The whole family will love it and its family show for more fun and entertainment. 

A hot air balloon activity in Dubai this summer!

Holidays have almost arrived and we have been planning around for making a list of wonderful places you can visit this summer to enjoy with your family, kids and friends and beat the summer heat with lots of fun and entertainment. But have you ever thought of making a trip to Dubai? If you still haven’t thought of it, try to get your Dubai visa immediately. Getting the visa earlier would make your plan a lot easier and you will have no more extension and confusions in the end. You can try getting a Dubai visa from India too. If you are not from India and you can get from Dubai visa UK too. But the visa type differs with the category of each. If you are making holiday trip to Dubai, you will have to get a Dubai holiday visa. If you are willing to make a tourism trip visiting all the tourist spots and destinations in Dubai, then you got to make the Dubai tourism visa. If you are travelling to Dubai for a business trip, then you got to apply for a Dubai business visa

The requirements for the visa also differs with the type of visa you apply for. You got to ready with the documents that are accurate and are perfectly arranged before you apply for the visa. But have you planned for various places where you can visit if you take a trip to Dubai with your family, friends and kids? We are here to help you. If you are an adventure lover, you should not miss the air balloon activity that are available in numbers in various spots in Dubai. You can look out for the most nearest one through the internet. Or if you could get in touch with the tourist operator, you can also seek help and guidance from them. The hot air balloon activity will take you above the ground and you will have to fly in the air, watching the beautiful nature and the beautiful happening Dubai. You can do this only if you are an adventure lover. If you do not like heights and have fear for it, don’t give it a try. You will spoil your whole day doing it as the balloon will take you to a height and you will faint if you have the height phobia. 

This is one of the most famous adventurous activity that people try in Dubai. If you have tried once in life, go for it but make up your mind that you will have to fly in the air when you are actually on it. Brace yourself and shut your eyes tight if you could not view. Happy flying 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Dubai is a hot and happening city in the world. It is synonymous with luxury, deserts and safaris, rich Arabs and of course petrol. Once a ‘concrete jungle’ has now turned a sought after hub for tourists. To burst your bubble of imagination, it is affordable and wouldn't burn a hole on your pocket. It can be obtained through online download of application form. For UK citizens, Dubai visa will be granted free of charge when they arrive UAE. The formalities of visa in advance of travel are not necessary. A stamp is given in the passport for 30 days. If the visitor stays beyond the valid dates, he/she will be levied fines.There are different types of visas issued by the UAE authorities relevantly
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* Visit visa :

For countries like UK and others, Dubai visa is provided within the prescribed 30 days. Others need to follow the procedure while applying the visa for Dubai. However you need to get the Dubai visa form for if you belong from India or other places.

* Visa for transit

Transit visa is for people who make a halt in Dubai for less than 12 hours. They should possess a confirmed visa and return ticket for their destination.

* Short stay visa

While this visa is applicable for those who want to make a stay of 30 days either for business visa or as a tourist visa for Dubai. You need to download the form online and fill the form. Get your documents and certificates attach and submit it with a processing fee.

* Long stay visa

This visa provides you to stay for 90 days. The same procedure has to be done as for short stay visa processing. Additional documents such as photocopies of passport and residential proofs of relatives, invitation letter issued and alternate contact details in Dubai.

* Multiple entry visas for frequent travelers.

Depending on your purpose of visit and duration of stay, you may apply for Dubai visas and plan your itinerary.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Documentation and the paperwork for getting the Dubai visa online and offline!

Getting a Dubai visa is much easier now. There were days when you had to spend so much money and time and energy in order to get the visa processing done. All that you will have to do now is search for the visa for Dubai in the internet and you will be retrieved with all the details related to the visa to Dubai. Dubai visa online is a very easy and a simple way in getting the visa processing done which consumes less time and also less money. When you apply for the visa to Dubai through the online portals the Dubai visa fees are generally not that high compared to the others. There are various websites through which you can apply for it.

You will be retrieved and guided for the application form which you have to fill with all the details and information. If the details and information are correct and accurate you will be asked to submit the required documents along with that. Once it is checked and analyzed, the embassy will call you with an appointment and you will have to go through the visa process in person in the embassy itself. 

There are various Dubai visa agency that helps you in getting the visa processing done on behalf of you. All that you will have to do is submit all the papers and the requirements according to the series and the order list asked and they will get the appointment for you. Once the appointment date is confirmed, the visa processing will also be done with the people in the agency on behalf of you or the customer. You will be given a scanned copy or the e-visa through the internet mail.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dubai Food Festival 2015

Dubai food is spread about all over the world. Dubai is diverse Muslim city. Dubai food carnival is the biggest international food event in Dubai. A lot of restaurants is in Dubai because the food of Dubai is very popular. Most of food is prepared by the chefs. Dubai food festival is very famous all over the world, it is celebrated every year. The festival promotes the creativity, diversity and multicultural nature of Dubai.

The modern diet of Dubai is cosmopolitan, offering dishes all over the world. The popular beverages of Dubai is Coffee and Tea that can be offered in several flavor usually like cardamom, saffron, mint to give a distinct flavor. In food industry alcohol keeps a great place, alcohol is generally served in bars and hotel restaurants except in Sharjah. Golf clubs and nightclubs are allowed to sell alcohol. 

Raqaaq, khameer and chebaab are use in breakfast served with cheese.
The 2015 food festival carnival was held in February at the Dubai International marine club. Cause of Dubai food, Dubai is also known as Food City. Dubai food city is new development in Dubai; the food city can hold 400-500 companies. Dubai city is around to cost $200 million. It across the 5000000 square feet.

Most of dishes are eaten in Dubai like meet, grain, dairy, vegetables, due to harsh desert condition. These are the traditional food.Many dishes found in Dubai, Few of them are.

Al jabab 2. Camel meat 3. Dates .4 Falafel. 5. Fish 6.Kabsa 7.Kebab 8.Khabees 9. Sheeps 10.Yeast bread have a perfect team which has years of knowledge and expertise in Dubai visa application , thus we make sure you get the visa with in the time deadline and hence you get your visa hassle free.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sightseeing at the modernized city of dubai city tour

Dubai well-known for its oil production has transformed into a contemporary town currently talked about its exclusive design, comfortable hotels, sporting events, and also the list is unending. This city of Emirate has become a significant business hub since a Free trade route was engineered round the Jabel Ali port that lure immense investors all over up transforming into commercial hub, compelling the Sheikhs  of UAE to take a provide huge sums of money for building large airports, sturdy infrastructures, massive malls, and so on.

Dubai City tour would be wonderful option to explore these excellent investments in an exceedingly single day and luxuriate in breathless views of town.
Dubai city guide offers you a 360 degree view of town while exploring spots for each children and adults.It starts at the city center Creek to allow you a preview the site of Dubai then moving to the spice souk followed by Gold open-air market in Deira once visiting here will conform you the very fact that city is famous as City of Gold.

The next spot of Tour will be the Dubai Museum within the Fahidi Fort that has relic showing the lifetime of the Emiratis before the oil was found in Dubai. Dubai city Tour then moves towards the Jumeirah mosque, a stone structure engineered as a tribute to the fashionable design which might provide you with a right away expertise to explore the monotheism culture, inside the house of worship is adorned with made Arabic penmanship and decorative items. 

Dubai Tour then showcase the Fourth tallest five star edifice standing on a artificial island with pride referred to as the Burj Al Arab that means the Towers of Dubai'. Jumeirah Palm Island is that the next spot of the Dubai city Tour that has been engineered unnaturally within the shape of a tree with the assistance of the many little islands. It consists of the Atlantis edifice Resort, beach aspect villas, and restaurants, malls, health spas and lots of alternative luxurious stops. Last destination of the Dubai city Tour is the Burj Khalifa the delight of Dubai and towering at 829m coined at the Tallest Building of the World. it's encircled by Dubai Down town comprising of landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, urban center Fountain and Armani Residences and edifice Resorts.

Dubai city Tour ends here giving you with a glamorous image of Dubai. Make sure to book
you Dubai city tour  with government registered corporations to avoid any hustles once you're in urban
center and to relish your trip to the fullest.