Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How to get Visa for France

France is considered as one of the best destination for a casual holiday travel as well as business trip. Getting the French Visa sometimes gets risky for a person who has applied. Here we have pinned down some of the important steps to get your France Visa accepted.

Step 1- Search for the best Visa provider
·         Several France Visa providers and agencies are present around, look for best one. Make a detailed study about the Visa agency types and proceed to the Visa providers to get more details.
·         Every visa providing agency has different set of rules and procedures, check out which is efficient for you among the providers
Step 2- Complete the application form
·         Go through the application form in the website and submit it to get registered for France Visa.
·         Fill in the required details and verify the same, in the application form and submit the form.
Step 3- Request the type of visa
·         On filling the application form, a confirmation will be done for the same. Then you can select the type of Visa you want to avail for which includes the tourist, Transit visa. 
Step 4- Arrange the required documents
·         For the visa to be applied some of the basic documents are required, which has to be arranged.
·         The basic documents include the scanned copy of the passport, scan copy of the photographs and the supporting documents.
Step 5 - Make sure to fix the appointment at the French embassy
·         Processing the Visa application can be done with lesser time also the visa application will be done in the basis of two main steps.
·         The first step in the process is to complete the France online application form, through which the entire communication will be handled.
·         On completing the application form it will automatically taking you to the mailing address for your further references.

 Step 6 attend the Visa interview
·         You have to visit the embassy for attending the Visa interview. The biometrics will be done and the Visa can be either collected from the embassy or you can receive it via post.

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