Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dubai Food Festival 2015

Dubai food is spread about all over the world. Dubai is diverse Muslim city. Dubai food carnival is the biggest international food event in Dubai. A lot of restaurants is in Dubai because the food of Dubai is very popular. Most of food is prepared by the chefs. Dubai food festival is very famous all over the world, it is celebrated every year. The festival promotes the creativity, diversity and multicultural nature of Dubai.

The modern diet of Dubai is cosmopolitan, offering dishes all over the world. The popular beverages of Dubai is Coffee and Tea that can be offered in several flavor usually like cardamom, saffron, mint to give a distinct flavor. In food industry alcohol keeps a great place, alcohol is generally served in bars and hotel restaurants except in Sharjah. Golf clubs and nightclubs are allowed to sell alcohol. 

Raqaaq, khameer and chebaab are use in breakfast served with cheese.
The 2015 food festival carnival was held in February at the Dubai International marine club. Cause of Dubai food, Dubai is also known as Food City. Dubai food city is new development in Dubai; the food city can hold 400-500 companies. Dubai city is around to cost $200 million. It across the 5000000 square feet.

Most of dishes are eaten in Dubai like meet, grain, dairy, vegetables, due to harsh desert condition. These are the traditional food.Many dishes found in Dubai, Few of them are.

Al jabab 2. Camel meat 3. Dates .4 Falafel. 5. Fish 6.Kabsa 7.Kebab 8.Khabees 9. Sheeps 10.Yeast bread 
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