Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Dubai is a hot and happening city in the world. It is synonymous with luxury, deserts and safaris, rich Arabs and of course petrol. Once a ‘concrete jungle’ has now turned a sought after hub for tourists. To burst your bubble of imagination, it is affordable and wouldn't burn a hole on your pocket. It can be obtained through online download of application form. For UK citizens, Dubai visa will be granted free of charge when they arrive UAE. The formalities of visa in advance of travel are not necessary. A stamp is given in the passport for 30 days. If the visitor stays beyond the valid dates, he/she will be levied fines.There are different types of visas issued by the UAE authorities relevantly
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* Visit visa :

For countries like UK and others, Dubai visa is provided within the prescribed 30 days. Others need to follow the procedure while applying the visa for Dubai. However you need to get the Dubai visa form for if you belong from India or other places.

* Visa for transit

Transit visa is for people who make a halt in Dubai for less than 12 hours. They should possess a confirmed visa and return ticket for their destination.

* Short stay visa

While this visa is applicable for those who want to make a stay of 30 days either for business visa or as a tourist visa for Dubai. You need to download the form online and fill the form. Get your documents and certificates attach and submit it with a processing fee.

* Long stay visa

This visa provides you to stay for 90 days. The same procedure has to be done as for short stay visa processing. Additional documents such as photocopies of passport and residential proofs of relatives, invitation letter issued and alternate contact details in Dubai.

* Multiple entry visas for frequent travelers.

Depending on your purpose of visit and duration of stay, you may apply for Dubai visas and plan your itinerary.

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